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Time Jump always provides your results in calendar days and business days. If any holidays or personal days were skipped in making the business day calculation, it lets you know how many of each were skipped. US Federal and State holidays are included in Time Jump and can be turned on and off based on your needs. You can also add your own Personal Days off that are not counted as business days for these calculations. You can add support for holidays we don't currently support by adding your own. Official business days default to Monday through Friday, but you can change this to whatever you want in the Settings. 

Please note:

  • We do our best to make sure the date calculations are accurate, but remember - when it's important (like for a contract or something) - you're responsible for ensuring the dates are correct for whatever purpose you have in mind.

  • While Time Jump supports calculations backward and forward for +/- 2,000 years, the accuracy before Gregorian calendars were standardized worldwide will essentially be estimates.  10 days were dropped in 1582, but many countries did not agree on a standard calendar until many years after that.

  • How old was your father in that family photo?  Set the date on the left to your father's birthday and set the date on the right to the date of the photo...there you go.

  • Verizon lead time for a new circuit is 70 business days.  If you need the new office up and running by October 19th, when's the last day you can order the circuit?  Set the date on the right to October 19th. Tap on 'Days' to bring up the Date Calc; tap on October 19 to tell Time Jump you want to go back in time, enter 70 Business Days. Time Jump calculate business days (accounting for holidays too) lets you know you need to order it on or before July 9th. 

  • Your team estimates that it will take them 45 business days and they're starting on the project next Tuesday - when will it be done? Reset Time Jump to Today by tapping on 'Today'; set the calendar on the right to next Tuesday (notice that the calendar on the left also jumps to next Tuesday...that's because the calendar on the left can never be sooner that the one on the right); tap on 'Days' and use the Date Calc to add 45 business days.

  • You need to order a part that requires a 40 business day lead time, if you order it today, when will it arrive? Reset Time Jump to Today by tapping on 'Today'; tap on 'Days' and use the Date Calc to add 40 business days

  • How many days old are you today? Set the calendar on the right to your birthday...there you go.

  • How long until: your birthday, your vacation, your retirement? Tap in the days and find out!

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